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Fun Facts:


  • references to Belial can be found in many religious texts.
  • Beyond Hell was filmed in 5K RAW on a RED DRAGON.
  • Beyond Hell was shot with a skeleton crew. Many of the crew members took on multiple roles to reduce the budget.
  • Two speaking roles in Beyond Hell were auctioned off at the film's Red Carpet Fundraiser.
  • Belial's face prosthetics were created by Locked In The Cellar.
  • The original High School Beyond Hell was to be filmed at declined a week before the scene was to be shot because it was a horror film. Their school mascot is a Ghost.
  • The Latin used in Beyond Hell is a real translation.
  • The Beyond Hell film franchise is also being released as a book series, co-written by author Katlin Murray.
  • Most of the scenes in Beyond Hell were shot on location

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